Tuesday, June 16, 2015

No SunRail to July 4th celebration

Hoping to ride SunRail to the July 4th fireworks display at downtown Orlando’s Lake Eola Park? Forget about it.SunRail will be idle in the barn on July 4th while you’re fighting to get to the park and find a parking space for your car.Last year during a SunRail commission meeting Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer wondered aloud about using SunRail to help ease the nightmare traffic jams in downtown on July 4th. So recently we followed up to see if the city would use the community’s newest transportation alternative on July 4th.A city’s spokeswoman sent us this written response to our query: “The City of Orlando and FDOT staff have evaluated the possibility of providing SunRail service for the “Fireworks at the Fountain” event on Saturday, July 4, 2015.
“While the City is excited about all opportunities to increase SunRail service, following our evaluation, we are unable to commit to providing service for this year's July 4th event. “Several factors contributed to this decision including safety, availability and costs. Estimated attendance for the July 4th event is 120,000 people. The City's concerns included: total train capacity, safety and security, hours of operation, pedestrian way finding and transport options between the downtown stations and Lake Eola, and funding availability. “While the resources and logistics did not work out for this particular event, we believe that with additional time and planning, our efforts will result in the availability to provide service for future special events.”So we won’t see you on The Rail. Good luck at Lake Eola.

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