Monday, July 6, 2015

What you should know about us

Recently a fan complained about some of the content on our Facebook feed and website.  So we thought there are a few things fans should know:

1.    We are not affiliated with SunRail and receive no compensation from SunRail or FDOT.
2.    This site is a product of David Porter Communications Inc., a for-profit company. Selling advertising to businesses and institutions that want to reach SunRail riders is one of the ways we pay our bills. Please support our sponsors because we really depend on them. If you own a business, or know a business that could benefit from some advertising, please get in touch with us. Our digital media channels -- including our website, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest -- get roughly 6,000 visitors weekly.
3.    We create content to suggest ways to improve SunRail service, and also to show riders all the places they can use SunRail to visit. Up and down the SunRail corridor there are lots of great places -- from museums to communities -- that are fun to explore and experience.
4.    Central Florida is a dynamic community and is followed by thousands of individuals, groups and businesses that tell us about all the exciting things they’re doing. We share some of that news through our channels because the information is interesting to many SunRail riders.
5.    We think it’s critical for riders to understand the mass transportation “big picture,” and to keep up to date on transportation policy on the state, national and international levels.  Policy and money drive decisions on critical SunRail issues, such as weekend service. SunRail’s success depends on linking to other modes of transport including other rail systems, buses, bicycles and even airports. That’s why you see items about All About Florida, Lynx and other topics, such as urban cycling.

We’re extremely grateful that you take the time to visit us, and we’re always striving to improve. We’ll see you on The Rail.

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