Sunday, September 6, 2015

Weekend SunRail means more than fun and games

Most of the time when people lament the lack of weekend SunRail service would-be riders talk about all the fun places – farmer’s markets, athletic events, restaurants and such -- they would visit if the train ran on Saturday and Sunday.
But for many riders the lack of weekend service is about much more than fun and games.
On Saturday we corresponded with a rider who needs SunRail weekend service to get to and from work. He is not alone, many people in Central Florida work weekends and many either don’t have cars or don’t drive.
The rider we corresponded with lives in the Sanford area. On weekdays he takes SunRail to the Sand Lake Road station and then catches a LYNX bus to his job on Destination Parkway – that’s off International Drive, just past the Orange County Convention Center.
On the weekends when SunRail isn’t running he has to take three buses. The trip takes three hours – one way. During the week, SunRail cuts that travel time in half. Oh, and by the way, during the week he uses the #NightTrain, SunRail’s late night service.
Each weekend day this fellow spends 6 hours on the LYNX bus. That’s a dreadful waste of this man’s time.
Weekend SunRail service isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity. Central Florida deserves weekend service.

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