Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sound off Tuesday for better SunRail service

The decision to provide special SunRail service on Sunday to support the massive Pulse memorial event at Orlando’s Lake Eola in Orlando was the right call.

It is unfortunate that a special call had to be made, because SunRail should always be running 7 days per week. SunRail is a vital transportation resource, and the need for the train is not limited to Monday to Friday rush hours.

If you want to SunRail running on the weekends and late at night, please make your voice heard this Tuesday at SunRail’s Customer Advisory Committee meeting. This is one of the key forums for getting feedback from the public about the train service.

We attend their meetings and we know this committee, comprised of people who regularly ride SunRail, has been fighting valiantly to expand and improve train service. But they can’t do the job alone. They need the voices of more riders to back them up.

The beautiful thing about Tuesday’s meeting is that for the first time it will be held after business hours making it more convenient for more “regular” people to attend. Up to now the meetings were held in the morning and typically there were only two or three “regular” folks there.

Tuesday’s meeting begins at 5 p.m. in the LYNX office building at the LYNX Central Station, a major train and bus stop. This should make it easy for people to be able to attend the meeting and still catch the train or bus to go home.

This advisory committee meets once every three months, so please don’t miss this opportunity to attend and sound off.

See you at the meeting.

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