Friday, December 9, 2016

Cost of running #SaturdaySunRail

FDOT/SunRail said it costs $23,000 per week to run the train on selected Saturdays.

Keep in mind, though, #Saturday SunRail is financed by Team SunRail – a public-private partnership.

The main goal of the Saturday operation is to support some large events -- mostly in downtown Orlando. Generally, the schedule is oriented to afternoons and late evenings.

For that price, SunRail typically activates 4 trains and crews (including security officers) to provide up to 10 round trips from Sand Lake Road in south Orlando to DeBary in Volusia County.

Even though the operation is privately financed, riders still pay standard fares.

Ridership on Saturdays has ranged from 3,400 to 1,700 “boardings”. 

“Boardings” represent every time someone steps aboard a train. Since almost everyone rides round trip, the actual number of riders is half the number of “boardings”.

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