Monday, May 8, 2017

Orlando continues to ignore crossing hazard at SunRail's Church Street station

Since the first week of SunRail operations 3 years ago, riders realized there was a big problem at the Church Street station. It is the worst-designed station in the SunRail system.

As the accompanying photo shows, people getting off the train in the morning wind up playing “dodge-a-car” when they get off at the station’s southbound station.  There’s no proper pedestrian crossing for southbound passengers who need to get across South Street to reach their workplaces.

We’ve written about this dangerous situation several times. Click here to see one of our past articles.

Everybody knows that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. However, city traffic engineers expect people to walk 2 blocks out of their way to the closest marked pedestrian crossing on South Street. The engineers give a bunch of complicated reasons why there is no safe, marked pedestrian crossing at the southbound platform on South Street where riders need it.

You would think Orlando would care more, since the southbound SunRail platform is in the heart of downtown and it's one of the busiest places every morning on SunRail.

But don’t worry say the engineers and Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, all the problems will be remedied when Lincoln Properties builds a 25-story hotel/office high-rise in the vacant lot on Garland Avenue, next to Church Street Ballroom and the railroad tracks.

Both the northbound and southbound SunRail platforms are supposed to be incorporated in the Lincoln Properties office/hotel high-rise complex and eliminate the need to cross South Street.

The developers said two years that they were almost ready to start construction. You see any signs of construction on that site?

Talk is cheap. When will officials take this pedestrian crossing hazard seriously?

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  1. There has been talk about a hotel at that vacant lot since at least 2008. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that construction project to remedy this situation any time soon.