Sunday, November 4, 2018

Please ride SunRail home from Orlando Magic games

If you’re an Orlando Magic fan, please use SunRail to go to and come home from games.

In case you missed the announcement, SunRail has made it easy for fans to leave their cars parked for free at a suburban SunRail station and then ride the train to Orlando’s Church Street for an easy walk to the Amway Center.

Thanks a schedule change to support the Southern Extension, a northbound train is scheduled to stop at Church Street every night at 10:30 in time to pick up fans headed to destinations, such as Winter Park and points north. Until last week, there was no southbound train for fans to take after the game.

But SunRail bosses decided to add a southbound train as an experiment and they’re committed to providing that service for all the home games this month. (This train only operates on game nights.)

SunRail introduced the late southbound train last Tuesday. There were 4 passengers on Tuesday. On Friday, there were 29 riders. We’re looking for that number to continue to grow. This service is a blessing for fans who live near the Sand Lake Road, Meadow Woods, Tupperware, Kissimmee, and Poinciana stations.

It’s critical to use the train, or else we’ll lose it. The southbound train is scheduled to run Monday night (Nov. 5) and Nov. 7, 9, 14 and 20. For more details, click here.

Like the northbound train, the southbound train leaves Church Street at 10:30 p.m. Please see the accompanying schedule for the special southbound train.
This special train will begin its southbound run at Church Street, and regular fares apply.

The great thing is that this schedule allows enough time for overtime in the games, and maybe even a post-game drink. Hopefully, the Orlando Magic will win Monday night so there will be a reason to celebrate with a drink.


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