Sunday, August 10, 2014

SunRailRiders - Orlando Amtrak station is a mess

At first glance the accompanying photo
 looks like it was taken in a bombed out village at the end of World War II. But no, the photo shows the eyesore SunRailRiders face every day at the Orlando Health/Amtrak station. The photo was taken May 2 and it was not altered in any way. The exterior decay at the Amtrak station is not just ugly, it’s unacceptable!
      Despite its current appearance this building -- constructed in 1926 as an Atlantic Coast Railroad station -- is a historical and architectural gem. For starters, this station needs to be pressure-washed and painted.
       SunRail has done its best and built new covered platforms immediately north of the Amtrak station. You think that would have shamed Amtrak into sprucing up? Well, you thought wrong! The Orlando Amtrak station has been in this condition for more than five years.
        To make matters worse, this is where Amtrak passengers arrive to visit the world’s most popular vacation destination. City Beautiful indeed! Just for the record, every year more than 150,000 Amtrak passengers board or get off trains at this station.
        Amtrak officials should be embarrassed. The exterior of this station needs urgent attention. Spare us the double talk about next fiscal year. The Orlando Amtrak station needs to be fixed next week. SunRail and Amtrak passengers deserve better.


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