Saturday, October 31, 2015

Support SunRail, re-elect Orlando Mayor Dyer

If you ride SunRail and live in the city of Orlando, please support the re-election of Mayor Buddy Dyer in Tuesday’s city election.
Dyer certainly is not without his shortcomings, but he is a stalwart SunRail supporter. There are many things he has done behind the scene to keep the expansion moving forward. He currently serves as the chairman of the panel of elected of Central Florida elected officials who oversee SunRail.
This year Dyer is facing a well-financed challenger who is supported by a legendary rail hater (who we won’t even dignify by mentioning by naming him).
All of us are deeply disappointed by SunRail’s limited service, but there’s almost no chance that service will get better without Dyer’s advocacy. This is no time to take a step backwards.
SunRail’s survival and expansion depends on re-electing Mayor Buddy Dyer.

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