Sunday, October 4, 2015

What does Taki 183 mean to you?

Graffiti was a big part of the New York City subway experience back in the 1970s when we rode the train to school.
During that era “Taki 183” was the most ubiquitous graffiti tag in the city. It was everywhere on the trains, buses and subway walls. We always wondered: What did it mean? Who was making that mark?
Turns out “Taki” the nickname for a kid named Demetrius who lived on 183rd Street in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan. Taki 183 triggered an explosion of graffiti across the city’s 5 boroughs and beyond. That graffiti pioneer even inspired the movie Turk 182.

Thank goodness SunRail trains and stations remain untouched by graffiti, but just for fun during the SunRailRiders MeetUp on Wednesday, we’re going to have a graffiti wall for riders to leave their mark. Click here for details and free ticket.

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