Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What grade does SunRail deserve?

SunRail will celebrate its second anniversary on May 1.

Most people holding a salaried position in Corporate America know what that means. It’s time for the dreaded annual Performance Appraisal.  In most big companies performance appraisals can determine if you get a raise, or if you get fired.

As riders, voters, taxpayers and residents, we’re SunRail’s boss, so let’s do the evaluation. On a scale of A to F, how would you grade SunRail?

While some might be tempted to shoot from the hip, fairness demands we suggest some criteria for the evaluation.

Customer Relations:

How are you treated by SunRail staff -- train crews, station ambassadors and other staff and officials?


Does SunRail do a good job keeping riders and the public informed of service changes and when there are delays or problems?


Are SunRail trains, stations, parking lots and platforms adequate and properly maintained?


How is the functionality of the ticket vending machines, the tap-on tap-off ticket validators, the SunRail website and the onboard wifi system?


Can you count on SunRail to meet its schedule with a minimum of service interruptions?

Is SunRail doing enough to get more riders?


Can you count on SunRail trains to be available when you need it?

Does SunRail live up to your expectations?

Areas of opportunity:

How can SunRail improve to make it better for the public?

So how would you grade SunRail? We’d love to see your results. Click here to email us.

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