Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Congresswoman Brown has a SunRail question

We were delighted to chat with Congresswoman Corrine Brown Tuesday in Orlando at SunRail’s Lynx Central Station. Congresswoman Corrine Brown was instrumental in getting the federal dollars to build SunRail.
She was delighted to see the train fare is very reasonable and happy to see people waiting at the station.
However, Congresswoman Brown can’t understand why each station only one ticket machine that takes cash. She said everybody – especially poor people – does NOT have a debit or credit card. She also noted that some people are reluctant to use their cards in vending machines because they fear getting their bank accounts hacked.

This is a problem that we’ve noted before, but the SunRail bosses don’t care. We don’t understand why the managers refuse to make it easier for people to use the train.

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  1. You would at least think the cash machine at LYNX would be on the transfer side, where the SunRail southbound platform directly connects to the bus station. Why would they put it on the other side??