Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How much does SunRail's CEO get paid?


How much does SunRail’s new CEO Nicola Liquori get paid?

We checked with the Florida Department of Transportation – the agency that runs SunRail.

An FDOT spokesman told us that Ms. Liquori, an FDOT employee who formerly served as the Chief Financial Officer for The Florida Turnpike, gets $137,586.28 a year.

That’s really not bad considering that at the time he left the top job at LYNX, John Lewis was paid   $192,00 annually.

As reminder, Ms. Liquori, who hold a masters in management from Troy University, “has 14 years of experience in user-financed transportation with FDOT at Florida’s Turnpike. This experience includes managing the financial aspects of a program with a $5 billion – 5-year capital plan, but also the daily operations of a 483-mile toll system with over 2.5 million transactions per day, management of eight service plazas along the Turnpike mainline and management of business development programs,” according to an FDOT spokesman.

SunRail is currently building 4 more stations to extend service south into Osceola County. Ms. Liquori also had pledged to find federal dollars to expand service north to DeLand in Volusia County.

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