Thursday, September 15, 2016

SunRail committee learns an inconvenient lesson

There was a wonderful teachable moment at Thursday’s meeting of SunRail’s Technical Advisory Committee.

TAC members
The committee members – officials representing cities along the SunRail corridor – had a big problem planning their next meeting. Thursday’s meeting was held in the LYNX offices in the downtown Orlando bus terminal that also serves as a SunRail station. Many committee members ride SunRail to the meeting.

One committee member suggested changing the time for the next meeting. But one of his colleagues said if they changed the time they would end up waiting 1 ½ hours for the next train. The discussion went back and forth as they tried to agree on a meeting time that would work with SunRail’s inconvenient schedule.

The discussion amused us. Here was a key SunRail committee wrestling with the same problem many average riders endure -- huge gaps of up to 2 ½ hours between some trains. This is why SunRail should be running hourly during off-peak periods.