Monday, March 20, 2017

Impressive ridership on Saturday

Saturday SunRail numbers are in and the results are very impressive.

FDOT reports there were 12,842 boardings on Saturday. No doubt most people already guessed that because there was standing-room-only on so many trains.
Riders boarding in Winter Park

Boardings and riders aren’t the same.  SunRail counts every time someone gets on a train as a boarding. Most riders take the train round trip so to figure out how many people rode the train, you have divide the number of boardings by two.

Still, that ridership number is VERY impressive when you consider that typically during Sunrail’s normal Monday to Friday operation, the trains typically have 3,400 boardings.

Why can’t SunRail offer service like that every weekend?

Because they don’t have money in the budget for weekend, or late-night service.

Because there were a host of major activities – from the art festival in Winter Park to sporting events in downtown Orlando -- this past Saturday’s service was privately paid for by business and public entities.

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  1. How do you expect to reduce traffic if you do not get people accustomed to using the Sunrail system?