Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Goodbye to ticket machines?

Everybody we know hates those SunRail ticket vending machines because they are so slow and unreliable. But there may be good news right around the corner.

SunRail CEO Nicola Liquori told us that her team is exploring on a mobile payment app that would let people bypass the vending machines and pay for their tickets through their smart phones.

What makes this news particularly sweet is that SunRail is working on this project in conjunction with Lynx – our local public bus service.

Last year our sister blog reported that Lynx was working on a high-tech solution for passengers to pay their fares. Click here to see that report.

We’re particularly happy to see SunRail and Lynx working together because public transportation needs to be a seamless system.

Hopefully one day Lynx and SunRail will be merged into one transportation agency. Meanwhile we’re hoping SunRail will learn some important customer service lessons from Lynx. Lynx isn’t perfect, but it tends to be more customer oriented than SunRail.

On a daily basis, Lynx carries 100,000 more people than SunRail.

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