Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Is there an app for that?

For years, riders asked SunRail bosses for an app to access SunRail train schedule information and to manage their SunCard fare accounts.

And for years SunRail bosses gave incomprehensible reasons for why SunRail didn’t have an app; didn’t need an app,
and wasn’t trying to create an app.

Mercifully that stupidity, and the management team that fostered that stupidity, is gone.

On Tuesday at SunRail’s Technical Advisory Committee meeting Nicola Liquori, SunRail’s new CEO, announced that the commuter rail line is currently developing an app and hoped to launch it soon.

While we’re on the topic of technology, Ms. Liquori also announced that earlier this month SunRail launched a free text service riders can subscribe to for text alerts when there are service interruptions. Just text “Sunrail” to 31996 for this very useful service.

Riders have been asking for that for more than a year.

Our hats off to Ms. Liquori for providing effective leadership and decisive action to improve the rider experience.


  1. Awesome! Hadn't heard about the text service before... definitely subscribed to that!!

  2. Any news or update on phase 3 or when the public hearing will be held?

    1. No date on a hearing, but we will post an update. But as you're a faithful follower we can tell you it will cost more than $200 million, there's no revenue source and they've been asked to review the plans again. In other words, it won't be happening anytime soon.