Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Orlando doesn't care about the safety of SunRail riders

It will be a long time before this dangerous crossing problem is solved for people who get off the southbound SunRail train at Church Street.

SunRail riders forced to cross dangerous South Street
On Monday, the Orlando City Council approved an agreement that will relocate that southbound platform inside the planned Lincoln Property high- rise building on Church Street. That's supposed to eliminate the need to cross South Street.

Don’t start cheering yet.

The agreement includes this sentence: “Lincoln agrees to have the station construction completed and the easements conveyed by Dec. 31, 2024.”

Yup, 2024. This is assuming there's no downturn in the economy that would cause this project to be delayed or canceled. (We still remember the wonderful plans Lou Pearlman had for the Church Street complex.)

SunRail started carrying riders on May 2014. 

Planned high rise

From the very first day, riders getting off at Church Street’s southbound SunRail platform complained that there was no safe or easy way to cross busy South Street to reach their downtown destinations.

Now we see that it will take up to 7 more years to fix this problem.

Good going SunRail and Orlando!

We can see how much you value the safety and convenience of riders.

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