Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Forget about taking SunRail to the Pro Bowl

Hey sports fans, were you looking forward to avoiding traffic congestion and exorbitant parking fees on Sunday (1/27) by riding SunRail to downtown Orlando for the Pro Bowl?

Well, you’re out of luck.

Here’s the scoop from a spokesman for the Florida Department of Transportation that manages SunRail:

“SunRail is not running a train for this year’s Pro Bowl. The cost for last year’s initiative was covered by Bombardier (the contractor that operates the train).

“Ridership last year was 1,877. This year, the SunRail team is working with Bombardier on longer-term opportunities such as the special southern train at 10:30 p.m. on Magic game nights, extending into April. We are also looking at other opportunities as well.

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  1. Those numbers were from last year before the southern expansion opened, I think if it ran this time it would have much better numbers.