Monday, January 21, 2019

Why is there such a disconnect between Lynx and SunRail?

We just saw a glaring example of the disconnect between the Lynx bus and SunRail on Martin Luther King Day (1/21).

We watched Lynx buses continue to stop at the Sand Lake Road SunRail station on Monday even though SunRail was shut down for the MLK holiday.

It would be easy to gig Lynx and say: How come they didn’t tell their drivers not to stop at SunRail stations on the holiday? This time we must give Lynx a pass.

Don’t give us that jazz about: It’s a federal holiday and everybody has the day off.

Everyone is not off from work. Many people who work in the service/hospitality industry are not off on federal holidays.

Let’s not forget all the people who work at area hospitals and Orlando International Airport. They use SunRail. Many of them are not off on MLK Day, on other holidays, or weekends. They have told us that when SunRail isn’t running their travel time to and from work increases by an hour or more.

SunRail is public transit. Put an emphasis on “public”.

SunRail should not be a “boutique” train only serving the schedule of “suits” riding in from the suburbs to work in downtown Orlando’s glass towers.

SunRail needs to be a full-service train that runs 365-days a year. Nothing less is acceptable.

SunRail needs to take a lesson from Lynx and step up its game.


  1. This scene always happens on MLK. Same thing with Votran - where Routes 31, 32, and 33 still ran even with no SunRail service.

    1. They have a federal or state grant to stop at those stations on all weekdays. I think that's why they go even when the train is not running