Friday, November 28, 2014

Attention SunRail bosses: Please give us weekend and night train service #RideBlkFri

SunRail riders we salute you.

A week ago we challenged you to show your support for weekend and late-night SunRail service by riding SunRail today – Black Friday (Nov. 28th).

The rationale was that many people would have the day off from school and work so they could use SunRail to reach the destinations they would visit if the train ran on the weekends. We asked you to ride to show how much demand there is for weekend and late-night SunRail service.

When you challenge people to take action you never know what will happen. We should have known better. So often in the past many of you have passionately called for expanding SunRail service hours. Today you put those words to action. The train was absolutely packed.

We were on a southbound train from DeBary at midday. There was no place to sit before the train reached Winter Park.  Heck, the train was packed at Sanford. It got even more jammed in Lake Mary. People were sitting on the steps as the train left Longwood. It was amazing! Many people told us they were riding as part of the #RideBlkFri campaign. It was both gratifying and humbling.

Regular riders said they haven’t seen the train so full since back in May when SunRail launched the service with two weeks of free rides. The big difference was that today people paid, and they were happy to “tap on and tap off.”

We always say “See you on The Rail,” and today we got to meet so many of you.  We thank everyone – individuals, organizations and businesses -- who helped us spread the #RideBlkFri campaign through your social media channels. Couldn’t have done it without you!

Keep posting photos and your experiences while riding SunRail on Black Friday. Special thanks also goes out to SunRail train crews and ambassadors who patiently assisted riders – many of whom were new to SunRail.

We are delighted – not for us – but for the Central Florida community. One day – sooner or later – the SunRail bosses will decide to expand the service to weekends and late-night hours.  What riders did today will certainly play a role in future SunRail operating schedules.

Bravo, to each and every one of you. Please take a bow.

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