Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Welcome back SunRail Ambassadors!

We are so happy to see the SunRail Ambassadors back on the job this morning.

During the past two months we sure missed you guys.

Hopefully the SunRail bosses will never again underestimate the important role you play in the success of our new commuter train system. Frankly, we think SunRail's decision to end the Ambassador program back in August contributed to the ridership decline.

As regular SunRail riders know, you Ambassadors are than just smiling faces. You are the faces of customer relations for SunRail.

If not for you guys, there would be no one at the stations to answer questions. We know how lost new riders felt when they arrived at stations and couldn't find anyone to explain how the tickets work, or what platform to wait on. And we know many more new riders will be joining us soon when construction begins on the I-4 Ultimate project.

We really appreciated all the times you've helped us when we had problems with the ticket-vending machines and the ticket validators. Believe it or not, we appreciate your gentle reminders to tap on and tap off the train. We know that tap on and tap off transaction is essential to keep an accurate ridership count.

Now and then when there are delays and other operational problems, we know we can count on our station Ambassadors to keep us informed.

And you’ve always been great at reporting maintenance problems at the SunRail stations.

Welcome back, friends!

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