Sunday, November 9, 2014

Crooks hit SunRail parking lot

We’re really pissed off.

Sunday afternoon while visiting the SunRail station at Sand Lake Road we discovered that some dirtbag broke into three cars left in the station parking lot.

The crook smashed out the side window of three cars parked in one section of the parking lot. Keep in mind that SunRail warns drivers that they park at their own risk. Some people park cars in the lot to drive to their workplaces after they get off the train. Others use the lot to park their cars while flying out of nearby Orlando International Airport.

We just hope this sad experience won’t sour the riders on SunRail. What happened in the SunRail parking lot could have happened overnight in anyone’s driveway. Still, it makes us furious to see the damage caused by the low life crooks.

There were four other cars parked elsewhere in the lot that don’t seem to have been touched by the crooks. The section where the cars were burglarized is in a remote corner of the lot.

Going forward, we suggest that riders who park overnight and over the weekend leave their vehicles in the section near Orange Avenue, across from three 24-hour restaurants. Even parking there is no guarantee against crime, but crooks are like cockroaches. They hate light and the possibility that someone will spot them breaking into vehicles. We also hope that Orange County deputies make a note to patrol the lots over the weekend to scare off the lowlife crooks.

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