Tuesday, May 12, 2015

SunRail to Daytona Beach?

Being able to ride SunRail, or a similar commuter-rail system, to Daytona Beach is not a farfetched idea.
It’s actually one of the ideas being considered as part of a long-range plan to improve mass transit from western Volusia to eastern Volusia (the actual beaches for those who are geographically challenged.)
The idea would be to create a commuter-rail spur coming out of DeLand and headed to the eastern part of the county. But don’t slather on the sunscreen yet, this idea is being considered as one of several transportation options. It could take another 10 years to kick around the ideas. Once a decision is reached, there’s still the matter of finding the money to make it happen.
Click here to see the options for yourself.
Even though a train to the beach isn’t around the corner, it’s still fun to think about. Our great-grandkids will probably enjoy it.

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