Saturday, May 30, 2015

Why DeLand SunRail is needed

Many people who signed the DeLand SunRail petition included brief notes explaining their support.

The notes were eye opening.

Sign of the times?
For one thing, it made us realize there are many people who either don’t have cars, or can’t drive. Those people are forced depend on our sadly inadequate Votran and Lynx bus service.

In a note from Auckland, New Zealand to support DeLand SunRail Chester Espie wrote: I was a Stetson student and the buses and other forms of transport were the worst.”

While most of the petition signers said they wanted SunRail to commute from DeLand to Orlando, there were a surprising number who said they need SunRail to commute north from DeBary to jobs and other appointments in DeLand. DeBary and DeLand are about 15 miles from each other and traffic on the U.S. 17-92 can be a nightmare during peak travel times.

Selina Price of Eustis wrote: “I work in DeLand and Winter Park. I hate to drive to DeBary to catch the train. I miss it often because of the horrid traffic between the two cities. Multiple people in the doctor’s office I work at use SunRail. It has been a godsend keeping us off I-4. Thank you SunRail, but please come to DeLand.”

“I moved to DeLand from metro D.C. only to find it’s worse here,” wrote Jan Fowler.
Deltona resident Theresa Scanlan wrote: This would help people like me who can’t drive find a job in Orlando. We need this.”

That notion was echoed by Thomas Considine III of Lake Helen, who wrote: “I would use SunRail if it came to DeLand. It would open up many opportunities for people in this area to get better jobs.”

Rachelle Sanford wrote: “Extending SunRail services to DeLand will positively impact not only the people of DeLand, but also people close by in Lake County. It will help multiple communities.”

“As a resident and business owner in DeLand,” Vincent Philip wrote, “”I firmly believe that SunRail is a very important part of the continued growth and development of the city.”

Linda Holder of DeLand wrote: “I travel a great deal for work and often fly out of Orlando International Airport. I rode SunRail from DeBary and then took the bus to the airport. It was great. But the DeBary station is a 30-minute drive away. The Deland station is less than 10-minutes away. I would ride SunRail frequently to go to OIA if we got our own station in DeLand.”

Ann Sagraves summed it up best. “I am a lifetime resident and enjoyed watching DeLand grow into a gem in beautiful Volusia County. It is imperative to continue bringing tourists, new businesses and additional modes of transportation into DeLand. SunRail will have the support of the citizens of DeLand and west Volusia County.”

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