Tuesday, May 12, 2015

We have to dream big

By Anthony James Tropea
SunRail rider
I'd like to see the southern extension of SunRail continue as planned, but instead of the OIA airport SunRail spur, (which seems to be the logical debate to delay the North to DeLand extension), use that money to invest in SunRail North to DeLand and CONTINUE north to the proposed Daytona Beach Extension.

Then connect SunRail to Orlando International Airport via the MagLev Train that will already be connecting OIA to Convention Center/I-Drive in 2017, either re-aligning the MagLev route to connect at current Sand Lake Road SunRail station, or moving the Sand Lake Road station less than a mile south where the current MagLev route crosses over SunRail tracks. [It's imperative the stations connect above each other/adjacent to each other] The other option would be to keep both stations open, but seems unwise to have a stop less than a mile from each other.

I realize the cost of the airport spur would be far less than the Daytona Extension, but I think it would garner more support knowing it would connect a substantial more amount of riders, (locals and tourist, both, and including the DeLand stop), plus would be able to use funds that would have been allocated on Airport spur. 

The SunRail needs to be revamped to include EVERYONE, instead of focusing on it as only a 9 to5 I-4 commuter reliever. 

The SunRail, the OIA/OCCC/International Drive MagLev, and the All Aboard Florida train are game changers for Central Florida, from Mount Dora to Poinciana, and from Daytona to Tampa. (With all future extensions realized.) 

Once MagLev and SunRail are linked to the theme parks, shopping centers, convention centers, airports, and even Medical City......it will make Orlando and Central Florida like no other city in the country (Dare I say world?).
It's important to note, that Las Vegas and its Las Vegas Convention Center, (which is the #3 Convention Center behind Orlando #2 and Chicago #1) is poised and considering connecting its Strip Monorail to all 3 Convention Centers (Las Vegas Convention Center, Sands, and Mandalay Bay) to McCarran International airport, connecting it to more combined hotel, entertainment, and convention center space than available anywhere else in the world. Orlando has the opportunity to meet and exceed those expectations, as we connect all of Central Florida.

Hmmmm. Now if we can only get All Aboard Florida to have a Cocoa Beach/Kennedy Space Center stop. PERFECTION!

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