Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mayor Jacobs: "We've got problems at SunRail"

We were surprised by Orange County Mayor Jacobs’ candid comments during the Orlando MetroPlan meeting regarding SunRail, so we asked her spokeswoman for further explanation.

What follows is the written statement sent by the spokeswoman:

Here is Mayor's quote about the consolidation of SunRail and LYNX:

"I absolutely think that SunRail and LYNX should eventually merge. They both need to work seamlessly together. So many of the people who use SunRail rely on LYNX to get to and from routes. That's because when you get off at a SunRail station you have to have access to a LYNX bus to get to your final destination. Ultimately, our mass transit system needs to be integrated for all users. The question now becomes when and how we get there and to have all funding partners on board, which will take time."

Also, just to put her statement during MetroPlan that you sent in context, Mayor Jacob’s remarks were made in response to what appeared to be an implication that SunRail was much better organized and managed than LYNX.   Mayor was just pointing out that both organizations, like many such entities, face both challenges and opportunities.

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