Thursday, December 31, 2015

What's up with bus service to the DeBary SunRail station?

How come you can’t catch a Votran bus in DeLand to the DeBary SunRail during the day?

DeBary SunRail
We put that question to Steve Sherrer, General Manager of Votran, and he explained that the DeBary SunRail station is served by three Votran Routes 31, 32 and 33. Click here for more information on those routes and their daily schedules.

All Votran feeder bus routes operate during morning and afternoon peak commute times.  There is currently no mid-day service.  It's important to note however that available funding does not allow each bus to meet each SunRail train at the DeBary station,” Sherrer wrote.

Our estimate is that it would cost an additional $1,486,000 annually for Votran routes 31, 32, & 33 to meet every SunRail train at the DeBary station.  This does not include the capital cost of the additional buses necessary to provide the service.  We would need six additional buses.  Buses cost approximately $500,000 each.”

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  1. How would it require additional buses to be purchased? Every transit operator knows that it is your peak fleet requirements that determine your capital costs. SunRail uses 5 trains during the rush hour and 2 trains in the middle of the day (it used to be 1 train back when it had that 2-2.5 hour gap). Unless they like wasting money on new trains, SunRail is using those peak trains for their midday service as well.