Monday, November 14, 2016

#SaturdaySunRail is a real winner

We’ll let the #SaturdaySunRail numbers speak for themselves.

Nov. 12 at Church Street
Nov. 5th – the first time out with #SaturdaySunRail -- there were 3,225 boardings.

On Nov. 12th – this past Saturday – there were 3,452 boardings. (You do the math.)

Both of those totals are on par, or better than, SunRail’s average daily ridership.
And get this, SunRail scored these ridership wins on Saturdays running in a shorter operating window – 10 to 12 hours – with fewer trains than on weekdays.

In addition, many people didn’t know until the last minute the train was running Saturday. This is because no one will commit to a long-term schedule of Saturday operations.

Still we must take a moment to offer special thanks to SunRail’s new CEO Nicola Liquori who personally supervised these Saturday operations. Her leadership is top notch.

Imagine how many more people would ride #SaturdaySunRail if a regular schedule could be agreed on, and if the train ran every Saturday.

Before we start getting too deep into the “what ifs”, please remember that the #SaturdaySunRail operations are being funded through Team SunRail -- a public-private partnership – to support certain large-scale events in downtown Orlando.

There is no guarantee this public-private partnership will last beyond February 2017.

Therefore, we have launched a petition campaign to ask the SunRail Commission to work with the Central Florida Legislative Delegation to get money from Tallahassee.

The funding is needed for a full-time SunRail that would include weekend service, night service, hourly service on weekdays after the morning rush hour and additional Lynx and Votran bus service to support SunRail.

Please click here to add your name to this very important petition.

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