Tuesday, November 8, 2016

#SaturdaySunRail ridership numbers are in

The numbers are in for the first #SaturdaySunRail service.

Winter Park SunRail on Saturday
FDOT told us Saturday they ran 10 roundtrips and had 3,225 boardings.
Considering all the confusion following the October cancellation, that’s pretty good for a first time at bat.

To put those numbers into perspective, on a regular weekday SunRail runs 18 roundtrips and has about 3,600 boardings.

Last Saturday the SunRail service didn’t begin until 2 p.m.

That means the overwhelming majority of the people on the train were leisure riders. Very few were people headed to work because most weekend workers – hundreds of caregivers at Florida Hospital and Orlando Regional Medical Center – have to be at work early in the morning.

The sporadic Saturday service being funded by Team SunRail – a public-private enterprise – is a good start, but we need and demand real, regular weekend service.

On Tuesday FDOT told us that #SaturdaySunRail will be running to support Come Out With Pride THIS Saturday (Nov. 12) in downtown Orlando's Lake Eola.


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  1. Yes please keep it on Saturday just start earlier trust me you will get more people.