Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Step lively, riders!

Much of the time we write about things SunRail can do to make the service better. There are also things we – SunRail riders – can do to make the trains run better.

One of the things that always amazes us is how people wait until the last minute to get off the train at their station. We watch some people on the upper level wait until the train comes to a complete stop and the doors open before gathering their belongings to get off.


What are they waiting for? 

Next stops are always announced in advance. What’s wrong with going downstairs so you’re ready to get off as soon as the train stops?

Riders who delay getting off the train interfere with passengers who are boarding, and that slows down the train’s arrival at the next station.

Step lively folks and let’s do our part to keep the trains on schedule.

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