Monday, September 29, 2014

SunRail ticket vending machines, Chapter 2

We still don’t understand SunRail’s rationale for the placement of ticket vending machines that accept cash. It’s not like everybody has plastic, and considering some of the recent credit-card security problems it might not be wise to use credit cards on public vending machines. There are two platforms – northbound and southbound -- at every SunRail station. But SunRail only puts a cash machine on one platform (they claim financial reasons for this). So if the cash machine isn’t on the platform where you’re waiting you must cross to the other side – using the pedestrian crossing, of course -- to buy your ticket.

At almost all the stations the northbound and southbound platforms are directly opposite each other. The one exception is at Church Street in downtown Orlando. There platforms are a block away from each other with a busy street – South Street – between them. The cash machine is on the northbound platform, and get this, a rider on Monday told us that machine has been out of order for several day. So if you arrive at the southbound platform to buy a ticket with cash as the train is approaching you’re going to be SOL.  Thanks SunRail bosses, nice planning.

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