Sunday, October 5, 2014

Want to run SunRail?

How would you like to run a railroad?

Well, we exaggerate a bit, but SunRail is looking for riders to serve on a rider advisory board (officially called the “Customer Service Advisory Committee”).

We’re really happy that this committee is being established because SunRail is lacking when it comes to customer service, as we pointed out in last week’s SunRailRiders blog.

The main requirement is that committee members must ride SunRail at least three times every week.

Each of SunRail’s funding partners gets two appointments to the advisory committee. Those partners are: Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Volusia counties and the city of Orlando. Volusia has already picked two representatives for the committee. As of last Wednesday the others partners had not named their representatives.

Typically pals of politicians get picked to serve on committees like this one. But we don’t need a bunch of “yes” people and cronies on this committee. We need representatives who can be counted on to truthfully share and discuss concerns of fellow riders and to tirelessly push to make SunRail the best commuter train system in this U.S.

Are you willing to serve?

If so, we suggest that you send an email to local elected officials who serve on the Central Florida Commuter Rail Commission – the group that oversees SunRail.

·        Those officials include:
·         Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs
·         Seminole County Commissioner Carlton Henley
·         Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer
·         Osceola County Commissioner Frank Attkisson
·         Volusia County Commissioner Jason Davis

Remember Volusia has already appointed its commissioners, but riders willing to serve should send an emails to the other officials to volunteer. We suggest that you type SunRail Customer Service Advisory Committee in the subject space of the email. Provide the officials with your name, address, phone number. Tell them where you get on and off SunRail, as well as what days you ride. Include a sentence of two explaining why you want to serve.

We hope SunRail will make it easy to serve. With advisory committee members spread from DeBary to Pine Castle, where and what time would the committee meet? Our suggestion would be hold virtual meetings via computer, with services such as Google HangOuts. Those computer tools make it easy for the general public to “attend” and participate.

Enough talk. Let’s get busy.

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  1. Wow, this is the first I've seen of this, and I hadn't heard anything about Volusia County even LOOKING for representatives, much less having selected any... i hope the county chose well.