Friday, December 5, 2014

Please wear your thinking cap on SunRail

Some people must forget to wear their thinking caps when they board SunRail.

This morning we watched a woman miss her stop at the southbound Church Street SunRail station because she took too long to get off.

The woman who missed her stop was riding with a coworker on the upper level. The coworker made it off, but the other woman got trapped on board when the doors closed and the train pulled away from the station. The conductor was in a different car and couldn’t see the problem unfold.

The coworker explained the dilemma to the station ambassador who politely suggested that it’s always a good idea to gather your belongings and prepare to get off before the train reaches the station.

The coworker said, ‘Well, they should announce that.”


Does anyone need to tell you to come in from the rain if you don’t want to get wet?
Come on folks, a little bit of “walking-around-sense” is needed if you’re going to use SunRail.

The train is on a schedule and can’t wait 10 minutes at every station for people to figure out what they’re doing. People who take a long time to get off are being unfair to all the other riders.

Get with the program. We’ve written it before and we’ll write it again: Step lively, folks!

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