Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Stick to the numbers #RideBlkFri

Just the facts

SunRail’s average daily rider was:
  • August: 3,647
  • September: 3,045
  • October: 3,214
  • Nov. through Nov. 21: 3,166
  • #RideBlkFri (Nov. 28): 4,555

At Wednesday’s SunRail Technical Advisory Committee meeting SunRail bosses said the #RideBlkFri was based on counts by the conductors and those counts were probably a little off because the cars were so crowded that it was difficult for conductors to get through the train to count people. The bosses said they think there were probably as many as 5,000 riding on that day.

The SunRail bosses said the #RideBlkFri riders show there’s intense demand to get SunRail running on the weekends and during off-peak hours.

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