Friday, December 5, 2014

TGIF on SunRail, but don't get stupid

Many people like to let their hair down a little on Friday night, but a few SunRail riders are getting too carried away.

We keep hearing reports about riders who have overindulged on “adult beverages” bothering other passengers or otherwise making fools of themselves on some Friday evening SunRail trains.

Come on folks, SunRail is not a rolling “drunk tank.” Drunken, misbehaving riders undermine the campaign to expand SunRail service to weekends and late-night hours. We want people to be able to relax and take the train to catch a show; see a game, or have dinner and laughs with friends. Just please, demonstrate a little personal responsibility.

People who get drunk and board SunRail make the ride uncomfortable, and unsafe, for everyone else on the train. Boozehounds have “accidents” in the onboard restroom and cause other disruptions. Conductors have too much to do without having to play wet nurse to some immature drunks. Hard-partying drunks who choose to take SunRail add to the cost of security and maintenance.

If you want to slam drinks until you're totally wasted, do us a favor: Catch a cab.

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