Friday, December 12, 2014

Train tickets Tri-Rail style

The Tri-Rail ticketing system is similar to the set-up at SunRail, but there are some important differences.

Tri-Rail ticket vending machines
Tri-Rail has ticket vending machines at all of their stations. Hate to say it, but their machines are as slow and balky as ours. We had to try two machines and three credit/debit cards before we could buy our ticket. But one big plus is that all of their vending machines not only take credit/debit cards, but also accept cash and coins. Unfortunately, of the four ticket-vending machines at each SunRail station, only one machine accepts cash.

Tri-Rail passengers using the train for one day get paper tickets, and riders with paper tickets don’t have to tap on and tap off.

Those with an EASY card -- similar to our weekly/monthly SunCard -- have to tap on and tap off the train. You can use EASY card to pay your fare on South Florida buses and Metrorail -- a rapid transit train system that serves downtown Miami. (Now if we can just get the transfers to work between SunRail and Lynx!)

Armed guard checking tickets aboard Tri-Rail
We were surprised that Tri-Rail conductors don’t check tickets on the train. Tickets are checked by uniformed, armed security guards who ride every train. Bet those guards don’t have too many problems with fare cheats!

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