Saturday, February 21, 2015

Let's get local politicians to support weekend SunRail service

Contact these local elected officials and ask them to support a local plan to raise money for weekend SunRail service.

Seminole County Commissioners
Commissioner Bob Dallari  -
Commissioner John Horan –
Commissioner Lee Constantine –
Commissioner Carlton Henley –
Commissioner Brenda Carey –

Winter Park City Council
Mayor Kenneth Bradley –
City Commissioner Carolyn Cooper –
City Commissioner Steven Leary –
City Commissioner Sarah Sprinkel –
City Commissioner Tom McMacken  -

Orlando City Council
Mayor Buddy Dyer –
City Commissioner Jim Gray –
City Commissioner Tony Ortiz –
City Commissioner Robert Stuart –
City Commissioner Patty Sheehan –
City Commissioner Regina Hill –
City Commissioner Samuel Ings –

Orange County Commission
Mayor Teresa Jacobs –
Commissioner S. Scott Boyd –
Commissioner Bryan Nelson –
Commissioner Pete Clark –
Commissioner Jennifer Thompson –
Commissioner Ted Edwards –
Commissioner Victoria Siplin –

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