Sunday, February 8, 2015

What would you do during a SunRail crash?

Have you ever paused for a moment when boarding a SunRail train to look at the posted diagram showing the emergency escape exits?

Most people never pay attention to those diagrams on the train, or on an airliner.

Folks figure, “Hey, it will never happen to me.”

Hopefully it won’t, but just last week six people were killed and several others were badly injured when a commuter train collided with a car on the tracks in suburban New York.

Five of the deceased were passengers on the train. We don’t know if the lack of knowledge of the exits played any role in the New York deaths, but common sense says it’s better to know in advance how to get out than trying to figure it out during an emergency.

Please take a look at the emergency exit diagram today. Let’s hope none of us ever has an emergency aboard SunRail.

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