Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Bus blogger needed

SunRailRiders is seeking a blogger to write about LYNX and crusade to improve the public bus system that serves Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties.

For the past 2 years www.SunRailRiders.com has been raising hell to fix our commuter-train service. We want to give LYNX the same scrutiny because its riders deserve better service than they’re getting.

Frankly, SunRail’s success depends on LYNX success. We need a strong, unified, reliable and easy-to-use public-transit system – bus and train – to improve Central Florida’s livability.

Too many of our neighbors spend 4 hours or more every day riding the bus or waiting for a bus in the rain and sun. That’s because LYNX doesn’t have enough buses. This situation is wrong and needs to be fixed NOW.

Ideally the bus blogger has been riding LYNX for years. The writer needs to be someone who keeps up with local current events (as in reads local newspapers); knows the ins and outs of the local bus system, and understands the politics of public transportation. It doesn't matter if the bus blogger doesn't use SunRail.

This is a chance for a creative person who is passionate about facts and public transportation to get published and make a difference.

The bus blog will initially be incorporated into the SunRailRiders website. However, it will have its own distinct Facebook and Twitter channels. We would also back up the blogger with video and photos.

So how about it?

Don’t apply if you hope to get rich, but we can probably work out a little something, something. Send an email to sunrailriders@gmail.com.

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