Wednesday, October 19, 2016

#SaturdaySunRail? Don't count on it

Remember when we were all so excited that SunRail was going to start running trains on Saturdays?

Well, never mind.

The first #SaturdaySunRail was supposed to happen Oct. 8th, but it was cancelled because Hurricane Matthew came to Florida.

Then Team SunRail – the public-private sponsors of Saturday operations – and FDOT said the next planned #SaturdaySunRail operation won’t be until Nov. 5th. FDOT explained they are working on critical track maintenance projects on the weekends.

So after Nov. 5th, when will the next #SaturdaySunRail operation be?

Who knows.

Will there be #SaturdaySunRail for the massive Come Out With Pride festival at Lake Eola on Nov. 12?

Don’t know. FDOT’s not saying, so don’t count on it.

How about #SaturdaySunRail to support the massive Florida Classic FAMU-Bethune Cookman football showdown Nov. 19th at Camping World Stadium?

Don’t know. Don’t count on it.

So maybe we won’t be seeing you on The Rail.


  1. They will cancel the trials before anything gets off the ground. They'll cite "a lack of interest" or some other lousy excuse.