Sunday, October 23, 2016

SunRail needs some Disney pixie dust

SunRail can use some Disney pixie dust to attract thousands of new riders for Central Florida’s struggling commuter train.

Having spent 7 years working for Disney we’ll let you in on the big secret: How The Mouse keeps his amusement parks packed.

Disney focuses an insane amount of time and resources to understand who their customers are and what those customers want.

Disney doesn’t only want to know what customers like. Disney wants to know what those customers don’t like. Then the Mouseketeers figure out how to give the customers exactly what they want.

Anyone who has visited the Magic Kingdom recently knows that customers use Magic Bands to get into the park, pay bills, open their hotel room door and so forth.

Those wrist bands are a result of exhaustive research that told Disney how to eliminate hassles and make Disney vacations more enjoyable.

The result of this research is that 365 days a year thousands of people line up at Disney’s front gate eager to pay hundreds of dollars to get in because they know they will be getting the experience that they want.

SunRail needs to follow Disney example to get more riders on the trains.

Since we love SunRail, we’ll spare them the millions Disney invests in customer research.
Central Floridians want a SunRail they can use when they need it. That means 7-day service, late-night trains and hourly trains at off-peak periods during the day.

Give residents what they want and they’ll line up to ride SunRail.

One thing we know for certain. What SunRail has been doing for the past 2 years is not working. To keep doing the same thing is the definition of insanity.

It’s time for some pixie dust.

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