Monday, October 3, 2016

Ready to get aboard #SaturdaySunRail

#SaturdaySunRail is almost here.

The new Saturday service starts this week on Oct. 8.

Regular SunRailRiders fans know that 2 years ago this blog launched the campaign to extend SunRail service beyond weekday bankers hours.

The train service that starts Saturday is good, but it’s not great.

The #SaturdaySunRail schedule supports large-scale community and leisure events along the SunRail corridor. What about people who work weekends?

Though #SaturdaySunRail is not perfect, we need to use the hell out of it.

We’re hoping that there will be many new first-time riders Saturday. Here are things they need to know:

Tickets: You need a ticket to ride SunRail. There are 4 ticket-vending machines at every station. Only 1 machine accepts cash, so bring your plastic. Get to the station early because the vending transaction can be clunky.
Tap on and Tap Off: Your ticket is not legit until you tap it on one of the yellow ticket validators on the platform before you board the train. The conductor will check. Tap your ticket on the validator when you get off the train. The validators measure ridership. We need those stats to keep SunRail running.
Getting on and off: Don’t wait for the last minute to get off when the train reaches your stop. Please let riders get off the train before you try to board
Schedule: Pay close attention to the schedule for arriving and departing trains. The #SaturdaySunRail schedule may change on a weekly basis.
Safety: Stay behind the yellow line on the platform while waiting for the train. Bicycles and skateboard are welcome on the train, but don’t ride them on the platform.
Bathroom: Go to the bathroom before you leave home because there is NO restroom at the SunRail station. There is one restroom on each train. Public restrooms are expensive to build and maintain.
Train station parking: Free parking is available at most SunRail stations. There is no -- or very limited -- parking at Winter Park, LYNX Central Station, Florida Hospital and Orlando Health.

See you on #SaturdaySunRail.

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